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Since 1986 Tomtech has produced high quality, reliable control systems for greenhouses.

Whether you need a responsive and highly configurable climate control system or a carefully controlled automatic plant feeding and irrigation set-up, Tomtech can provide you with a reliable and cost-effective solution.

  • An IC20 installation

    An IC20 installation

  • A Micro Heat installation

    A Micro Heat installation

  • A misting installation

    A misting installation

  • Electrical Control Cabinets

    Electrical Control Cabinets

  • A T200 installation

    A T200 installation

  • A Feed installation

    A Feed installation

  • Lighting installation

    A lighting installation

  •  HC80 installation.

    An HC80 installation.

  • Control for Bio Mass Boilers and Heat Store Systems

    Control for Bio Mass Boilers and Heat Store Systems


Our experts will help guide you through the choice of  top-quality purpose-built computers, sensors, motors and computer programs, arriving at the perfect hardware/software combination to meet your own unique requirements.

Tomtech horticultural control systems and associated equipment are designed to control all aspects of the climate, water requirements and feeding of crops. They are designed to do this as efficiently as possible using minimum energy, water and feed while providing the best growing conditions for the crop.


The control systems are based around a range of control computers designed and manufactured by ourselves. These include the T200 and T100 colour touch screen computer. HC80 and HC160 environmental computers and the IC20 irrigation computer. These units can communicate with each other (and with previous generation computers: HC80, HC160 and IC20) in any combination to provide a control system tailored to the particular nursery requirements.


Tomtech manufacture a complete range of sensors for use with our computers for the measurement of:

  • Air temperature
  • Humidity
  • Soil temperature
  • Heating pipe temperature
  • Light
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • pH
  • Conductivity

All of these sensors are pre-calibrated prior to installation to ensure measurement accuracy. They are designed to be as stable as possible, we offer on site maintenance and calibration where required.


All software is produced in house and is designed to be easy to use, flexible and reliable. Software support and updates for all of our computers are supplied free of charge to minimise the long term cost of ownership.


All our equipment is designed to be as reliable and trouble free as possible. The systems are not expected to require regular repair. The computers are protected against environmental factors such as moisture and wide temperature fluctuations. The electronics are protected against electrical surges, poor mains supply and lightning as far as is possible.

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