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Tomtech was formed in 1986 to provide easy to use control systems for greenhouses. Our aim is to offer high quality reliable control solutions with the best value for money.

Our first product, the HC45 introduced in 1986 is a single zone controller with four measurement inputs and five control outputs. Many of these were installed for both commercial and private clients to provide low cost control at a time when competitors systems were more than five times the price.

In 1987, the HC120, our first computer with communications was introduced with 12 full configurable sensor inputs and 12 control channel outputs. Hundreds of these are still in use today. HC120 computers can be networked together providing a distributed control system for the complete nursery.

1988 saw the introduction of the DOS 'Environment Manager' software to provide central monitoring, history acquisition and remote programming from a PC connected to the HC120(s).
In 1993 the IC20 irrigation computer was introduced providing comprehensive irrigation and feeding control for up to 144 valves.

The mid nineties saw the replacement of the HC120 with the HC80 and HC160 computers. These are still in production today and are widely used by commercial nurseries, local authorities, universities and colleges and private clients. These computers can be fitted with an expansion board adding additional control channel outputs or irrigation control.

1996 introduced the Micro range of low cost simple controllers for heating, ventilation, screen and feeding control.

In 2000 we introduced a 32bit Windows 'Environment Manager' with new features and full support for all Tomtech computers.

In 2004 the colour touch screen T200 computer was introduced. This is fully configurable to provide comprehensive and flexible control for all horticultural applications including environmental control, irrigation and feeding control. It is a multi-processor design providing very advanced control that is extremely easy to use.
Since 2010, Additional control features have been added to reduce Nursery costs.

Special software is now included with all environmental computers for control of Bio-Mass Boilers.

Improved irrigation water management is now incorporated in the T100 and the T200 irrigation software. And other heat saving systems.

2014 saw the introduction of the new T100 computer, also with a colour touch screen. The T100 is a smaller version of the T200 computer with the same user interface and software features. The T100 is fully configurable to provide the flexibility for all the horticultural applications. The touch screen, although smaller, works in the same way as its larger relation. The T100 is expandable to accommodate up to 6 input/output boards.

In 2016 new PC Link E was introduced. This interface board allows Tomtech computers to communicate via Ethernet networks, with Environment Manager software being able to work on any PC on the same LAN network.

Both hardware and software in all our products is regulary monitored and improvements are applied when possible.


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