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The Tomtech Micro range of controllers provide high performance, low cost control for heating, ventilation and screens. Easy to use, with a built in LCD display in plain English, simple 3 key keypad and ‘set’ knob for changing settings.

The controllers are built to the same very high standard as all other Tomtech products. They are housed in tough polycarbonate cases with hinged clear polycarbonate lid and stainless steel hinges for long life.

All heating and ventilation controllers are supplied with a high quality aspirated screen containing an electronic temperature sensor and air circulation fan with 25 metres of cable to connect the screen to the controller. The Micro Screen is supplied with a light sensor instead. Other sensors can be added measuring humidity, heating pipe temperature, wind speed etc. where greater versatility is required.

2 Year Guarantee   All equipment in the range is protected to IP54. As a result we are able to give a full 2 year guarantee (providing the equipment has been installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual).

Easy and Flexible Programming   Programming is in plain English and is very easy. Just follow the on-screen prompts and answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with a ‘Set’ knob to edit all numeric values by turning to increase or decrease the setting. All set points are stored in non volatile memory and are not lost if there is a power failure. All controllers have a built in battery supported clock providing independent day and night settings. Day and night start times may be ‘Fixed’ so they always remain the same or set to track with sunrise or sunset.

Keeping You Informed   As well as programming the settings the display will show monitoring information of all measured values and, where appropriate, information about the heating, ventilation and screens being controlled. Lights on the front of the controller show when a vent, screen or heating valve is opening or closing and when on/off heaters are on.

Easy Installation Installation is easy. The controllers are supplied with an aspirated screen or light sensor and sensor cable. The polycarbonate case is pre-drilled and supplied with cable glands. Two screwdrivers and a pair of wire cutters are the only tools required.

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